Dial in your Adrenalin Level!
A unique feature of Merrill Dunes is that we have games with modular content.  We can make them simple or complex and we can keep repeat groups challenged by adding modules to games that they have become familiar with.  No different than selecting a higher level of challenge in a video game!  But at Merrill Dunes you are dealing with fresh air and true 3D and Real People.  And you too will be Real!  Not a piece of robomeat on a cyber skewed kabob!  Real Life is increasingly a challenge to come by but we work hard at providing the option!  You need friends to do things with and you need something that will drag them out of their cyber cell and get their feet on the ground and their finger nails in the dirt - at the same location that you are at.

So the game system is there but you don't like welts while others do!  Well - dial in the adrenalin level you want to go with and then enjoy our platter of games without being scared or bored.  Laser - airsoft - regular paintball - or the use of full auto paintball guns for welts up one leg and down the other arm!  The photos below tell something about the options.

And there is more.  Is night scary for you?  Do you like blistering heat or arctic cold?  Do you like functioning in monsoon rains?  Do you like paintball at 2:00am?  We even offer late nighters!  Merrill Dunes can deliver just about any adrenalin flavour any sane person is going to want!
Merrill     Dunes