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Outdoor Airsoft

Outdoor Airsoft events are currently happening every second Sunday.  There are several video productions available on this website showing the activity during mega games in past years.  Video coverage of the 2020 Scorched Dunes event will appear eventually!
Airsoft Pellet Page
Velocity Limits, rentals, pellets

To check on schedule for 2021 airsoft, you will need to look at the Merrill Dunes calendars.  You will see the events listed roughly every two weeks, always on a Sunday afternoon or evening.  There are a few night sessions under artificial lighting.  Dramatic.  Session are a minimum of 4 hrs in duration and in actual fact usually go longer than this.

We are not offering season passes due to the uncertainty that the disease panic and associated government edicts have on business and the economy and peoples' minds in general.  If attendance is blown apart, we may need to cut back to monthly events - who knows.  A panic reaction like we are seeing has never happened before and there seems to be a blindness to the damage that is occurring - thus, who knows what will come down the tube next.