Alcohol ?????  Be sure to check the note at the bottom of the page.
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming says no alcohol can be allowed on the property.

For years we had allowed players to bring alcohol, as all groups were private and we felt it was their business if they wanted to drink.  Interestingly, we never had any significant problems in the 14 years this went on and no drinking related player injuries at all.

In 2011 we introduced Multi-Group events and Walk-On events and it became necessary to specify that alcohol was not allowed under these situations but we also stated that it was still okay for private groups - oops!

This information was buried deep in a large page of data but we almost immediately received a call from Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming and it seems we never should have allowed alcohol.  What we call Private groups are still regarded by SL&G as groups of paying public individuals and we have been told to stop allowing alcohol and the local police department has been notified to keep an eye on us - yikes!

So, sorry folks, no alcohol from now on.  We don't want anyone to get into a shootout with the police!  If any police officers stop in to inspect, please stop at the supply kiosk and get a safety mask before you venture out to inspect the field!  The characters out there are almost always trigger happy!  And we don't want a confrontation between a police officer with a real gun and no paintball mask, and a player with a mask but no bullet proof vest!

I was saddened to think of the impact of the new rulings on certain groups - a very lively fabrication shop that has bused out to the Dunes for their fall social event for about 9 years - what about them?  What about hockey parent groups who want a drink with their meal during their delightful wind-up social events while the kids play out in the field? 

The SL&G website is at and gives the details of getting an outdoor permit.

In theory it appears that it is possible to get a liquor permit, but there are numerous SL&G restrictions that most people will realize make a liquor permit totally impractical.  SL&G drew up some new "guidelines" in 2011 specifically for paintball fields and these rules put the kiss of death on any legal drinking at paintball outings.  It troubles us that the situation simply drives the issue underground and creates a gulf between us and our clients - but here we are.  Call if you want further thoughts.

June 2012 Development:  We were approached by a Kinsmen Club who had been to Merrill Dunes prior to SL&G putting the "no alcohol" edict on us.  In our chit-chat about the issue we came up with a plan that worked out to everyone's pleasure.  We put on a laser tag / mechanical bull ride event under the Big Roof at Windy Acres, the property just west of Merrill Dunes.  Windy Acres is zoned for alcohol permits and the resulting event was a winner.  There was a lot of work involved in the setup but in this case, costs were within reason.  Photos from the Kinsmen event are on our Facebook page.  Looking at the Kinsmen photos may inspire some event ideas even if you aren't concerned about an alcohol permit.  The Windy Acres Roof is a marvel, especially when it is loaded with a Mechanical Bull and a laser tag system!
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