Merrill     Dunes
In keeping with the times!
A few Dunes details that may be of interest in the current environment.  The hot water wash stand should have been in place years ago.  Our mask washing system was in place over 15 years ago.  The Roundup sprayer is finding a new life!

Masks are hot water flushed, then power washed with hot water detergent and enzyme mix for 12 minutes, then hot water rinsed, then dried in a fan powered drying rack.  Masks are never shared or re-used between washing/sterilizing operations.
Hot Water Wash Station
Antiseptic Cleaning Proceedures
In 2021 we added some stainless steel to our wash stand.  Hard to tell if you are in a commercial kitchen or at a Super Covid Wash Unit that not only prevents the disease but also cures it!