Merrill     Dunes
COVID-19 and the Current Economic Disruptions
The logic behind the moves relating to COVID-19 is to prevent medical system overload by slowing the spread of the new and highly contagious disease.  Life is not going to come to a standstill and human interaction and contact cannot be avoided.  The trick is to wisely manage the challenge.  And Merrill Dunes has a place in the management mix, especially as the initial Covid excitement subsides, and eventually this will happen!

No matter how careful you are about avoiding viruses, the little pests are like dust particles and the "Big Fire Wall" in the game is individual immunity.  Immunity is a complex topic but most will agree that proper hydration, enough sleep, and lack of stress are important factors.  Sufficient exercise likely factors in there too, and the stress and sleep are linked to that.  The Dunes angle is that a rip-snorting game of paintball or laser tag and the associated running mileage and social and mental impact have got to advance the immunity cause some!  You definitely will feel less stressed and ready for sleep after a Dunes Experience!  But what about the worthwhile goal of "social distancing" to cut spread rate?  How do you help that cause without going crazy due to solitary confinement?  Again, as people come out of their caves,the Dunes will become more relevant.

A MAJOR Merrill Dunes advantage is that our paintball and laser events are always PRIVATE.  NO ONE is in the field or in the Safe Zone who is not your invited guest, and because each is a known friend, you can likely trust their health state. We do not mix groups in the field nor in the Safe Zone.  So, where else can you organize a high intensity group happening in a wilderness setting?  You don't have to join the crowd for a good time - you escape the crowd to have a good time! Involved social interaction is vital for mental health - people are going to find it somewhere - the Dunes is a place where it is available while minimizing putting society as a whole at risk! And you don't need a huge group.  4 players will work. 10 to 12 players is a common group size.  And when you are done, you will have had a workout - physically and mentally.  A great adaptive move in a jumbled time!  Our staffing is extremely closely knit, so that potential contact aspect is also controlled.

And what about the gasping economy?  Everyone has to eye value vs cost vs personal budget restraints.  The nature of Merrill Dunes usually seems to impress players with its value.  Our field is highly automated and we can provide a top group experience with minimal support staff, and that converts into good product value.  Big city visitors are shocked at our low prices.  Our "Western Alienation" and "Seclusion Sanity" pages makes plugs for economic outings.  As with COVID, life goes on under any situation and tight dollars may favour the value factor of a Dunes experience.  The Dunes is a Pocket Field - human scale with Big Impact - and it is unique!  Keep the pluses in mind as the unusual times grind on our lives - we may be able to help everyone survive a bit easier!

Below, we highlight some of the measures that counter the COVID-19 threat. 

Masks are hot water flushed, then power washed with hot water detergent and enzyme mix for 12 minutes, then hot water rinsed, then dried in a fan powered drying rack.  Masks are never shared or re-used between washing/sterilizing operations.
Hot Water Wash Station
Antiseptic Cleaning Proceedures