I want an exciting group function but paintball is not on my list, Thankyou!
Merrill     Dunes

Merrill Dunes is not a paintball field in the conventional format.  We are an Interactive Game Field offering great games that use any of three tagging systems to function.  You pick the tagging system that works for you!  We offer a range from totally clean and painless to very messy and bruise inducing!  (Admittedly the latter is also rather exciting and memorable!)  But the basic super games are the same whatever the tagging method.

We don’t shoot a brutally hard puck at a static net.  We don’t aim a huge ball at defenseless, tipsy vertical pins, trapped in a narrow runway.  We don’t try to choke a netted hoop with a large rubber ball.  We tag wily and highly mobile targets with tiny light rays or pellets, of varying size.  It isn’t barbaric hunting where the target hardly has a chance.  It is a level playing field with lots of brain power on both sides of the contest.  It is a chess battle combined with aerobic exercise!  And the tagging is a small part of greater challenges - winning the Game!

We offer physical exercise sessions that are exciting, motivating, socially bonding, and surprisingly inexpensive.  We can offer a wide range of adrenalin levels while providing our basic Interactive Game System with whichever tagging system is selected.  Our forest location is like a wilderness trek with the sounds of coyotes and flash appearances of whitetail deer.  And sitting around a crackling fire, exchanging stories, can easily end off the adventure!

We offer our services in a format that is perfect for team use, be it sports teams or business teams, in large part due to the personalized private format where only Your members are on site.  You set the pace.  You determine the atmosphere.  We facilitate the event and ride with the waves that your group generates.  If you want to stop for tea or a snack – the place is all yours – you call the shots and just leave your supplies on the table.  There is no one around to disturb them.

Because of our adaptability we can provide a Group Building experience for 8 year old girls or senior executives, for staggets or for rowdy stag parties.  We have run events for drug rehabilitation inmates, safe houses for at-risk women, corporate executives, and grade school grads.  We have had family outings with 4 and 6 year olds playing both laser and paintball in summer and winter.

We have worked for 20 years at designing technical equipment that effectively meshes with human personalities to provide exciting games that Work.  Our games are easy to learn, provide hundreds of ways to win, and create a playing environment that yields a “band of brothers” effect.  We set clients on a winding track and let them hammer out their own destiny in a micro world that stimulates positive interaction and memories – we push a few buttons, if needed, and let the event happen!  Your group is very much in control of the destiny of the Happening!

There are hundreds of groups who would be excited about what we offer if they were fully aware of what a Dunes outing can be like.  What would convince them to step over the line into the Field of Dreams?  Maybe You, the reader, are the Agent of Destiny!  The Dunes Experience is like a drug – a good drug, which provides a dramatic experience.  And the only side effect is vivid, happy, flashbacks!

All photos shot by Merrill Dunes staff on Merrill Dunes property.
Beauty and the Beast.
Pogo the Whitetail.
We host many events that are at the far end of the scale from a rowdy paintball stag party.  And no wonder.  If you want paintball - we can give you PAINTBALL!  But we are not a one dimension operation.
All photos were shot on Merrill Dunes property by Merrill Dunes staff - simple Reality - how pleasant!