Are you wondering what the entry roads are like at the Dunes and which parking lots are being used?  Here is where you find out!  Especially in the spring or during wet periods, we try to keep this page current.

Entry Road Conditions:
Winter and spring are the times that this info is helpful.  The entry roads vary in smoothness/bumpiness depending a bit on rain and how busy we are (our leveler is a bit of a pain to mount on the tractor) but it is rare that there is a significant issue.  The land is really sandy so mud is never a problem.  In prolonged wet weather the roads can get rutted but we tend to get less rain than the city and in the long history of the operation it is VERY rare that entry has ever been a serious problem. 

Merrill     Dunes
The South Bridge makes Merrill Dunes rapidly accessible from the east side of the city.  East or West, nip off Circle onto Valley Road and in 10 minutes of easy driving, you are in the Merrill Dunes parking lot.

Updated on January 1, 2019.