Smoke Bombs
Merrill     Dunes
We stock a good selection of smoke bombs in various sizes, burn rates, and colours.  They are here mainly for field use but photographers often find them useful.  Call for details. is a great website for getting basic information.

Coke can is placed to give size comparison. 
Note lower discharge port on the Burst model.
Coke can is placed to give size comparison. 
WP40 on left.  Burst on right.
EG18 on left.  EG18X Black in center.  EG18X Colour on right.
It is vital that you pull the ignition ring to the side rather than upwards.
Do you want a take-over game to end with a climax?  We can set up a simple wireless detonation system with smoke, mortars, fountains, and salvos or a combination. These gimmicks can really add zip to an already exciting outing!  Hit that Take-Over button and brace yourself.  All levels of chaos are available!
The massive CM75 Cloud Maker
306-382-2728 / 306-280-4100
Large shipment of new stock should arrive around April 6, 2020.  And sorry - our order of "Covid Killer" anti-viral smoke bombs was not filled.  Too much demand, I guess!  But if you want to pretend, I suggest using Chlorine Green!