Here is a remarkable pre-spring gun sale at prices that are half of what you would pay if you buy them at internet prices and taxes.  While limited supply lasts!
Merrill     Dunes
We have a large number of Tippmann M4 airsoft carbines that we intended to use as rental guns.  Some of the units are brand new.  Some have had minimal use but are in beautiful condition and have been checked over fully for function.  Still in original boxes.  And dramatically priced vs the $700+ that you will find at internet sources.  Most airsoft players provide their own gun during events and we are discontinuing our rental program.
We are taking delivery of a new laser tag system, made by the Australian firm whose products we have used since 2005.  We are selling two older laser tag systems that have given us good service and are being replaced only because of the commercial need to have the latest and best.  The older systems are perfect for many applications such as youth groups, summer camps, or even for private use at cabins or acreages.  The life span and reliability and function of these commercial systems is quite amazing and in a different world than the toy systems that are available.  This gear not only Performs - it Endures!