The Marvel of Spot Bookings and the Merrill Dunes "Smart" Field!
If you have a small group of 3 or more players, the Dunes offers a wonderful opportunity for you.  If you book with less than 48 hrs to go until you want to arrive and play, there is no minimum for number of players.  What is more, our automated fields and personal attention assures even a group of 3 a wonderful experience.  Get 6 or 8 players and the experience is even better, but we adjust our games to the player number and you get a totally private, high service, custom event that is EXCITING!  You have a dramatic 7 acre field totally to yourselves - Safe Zone included!

We have offered public walkon times in past, but private events have proven to be so much better.  There is no standing around waiting for others.  You know your play partners.  The experience is planned and predictable.  You invite your friends!  Our "wired" fields with their full PA system coverage allow us to interact with groups of 3 to 50 - we can make it happen for whoever is on the field!  A group of 3 gets a different format than the group of 50 - and both groups have a great time!

And despite having the most dramatic fields in the Saskatoon area, demand for paintball and laser outings is low enough that we can almost always provide interested groups with a field space for a Spot Booking. You do have to book ahead and we do insist on pre-authorization on a credit card.  Last minute cancellation insurance is available as with all bookings.  It is vital that we have staff available, thus the need to book so we know you are coming.

Good Times are at your fingertips!  Go for it!  We will do our best to make it happen.  Staffing evenings is more difficult than during the day, but again - ask.


PS:  The idea many people have of "walkons" is that it is a time that a group of strangers come to a field to play. But that idea is far from the reality.  The reality is that when a field schedules "walkon times" those time slots fill up with "regulars" and in a way, become a private gathering with a small minority of "outsiders" dropping in and joining with the core group.  The dropin players have to follow the agenda of the regulars simply due to being outnumbered.  And that experience varies with the personality of the regular group.  But unlike our Spot Bookings, the minority dropin players are definitely not in control.  Depending on the core group, newbies may be acccepted in a friendly manner or used for convenient targets!

Another concept that many fields apply, is to combine groups that have booked for a certain time slot.  Sometimes this works but it is very difficult to get a perfect match between groups and usually there is tension and a less than relaxed atmosphere.  Again, private Spot Bookings are so much more predictable and assure a good experience and that is why we never combine groups or allow a few players to join a larger group that is booked in.  Our repeat business level is extremely high, and this policy is a major reason.  Good Times are assured at the Dunes! 
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