Merrill     Dunes
The politician rose early and headed off to work.  The bright sun added zip to the day and he looked up at the sun and cheerily asked "Who is the greatest politician in our fine country?"  The sun replied "Well, YOU Sir are the Greatest! Who else has a feel for major trending social and economic issues.  Who else is progressive and open minded towards all.  Who else is fit to guide this great country into a glorious future!"  The politician entered the House, was kicked around all day, and walked home - tired and a bit depressed.  Feeling a need for a boost, he again asked the setting sun, "Can I hear it again, sun, who the greatest politician is?"  The sun quickly snapped back "Well certainly not you! You lack common sense and solid foresight. You manage reality as if you live in a disconnected dream world and are flushing our wealth and power down the tube with simplistic ignorance.  The nation may be in fairly good shape now but the future, thanks to your blundering control, does not look good!"  The politician was floored!  "Why, just a few hours ago, you told me I was the greatest."  "A few hours ago, I was in the East!"

Western Alienation Team Wrap-up Specials
Feeling Alienated?  Personal $s are a real pain centre for many.  Quitting on Life isn't the answer, but squeezing $s and making them $ing for you, sure helps!  Our Western Alienation Chorus Specials have been trained to pump out Team rhythm and group harmony!  The Hard Logic of Experience rectifies big problems, eventually, and in the meantime, there are always bright moments to be enjoyed in our small but personal worlds!  Sports are a positive building tool and team seasons do benefit from a final team-building climax.  Action Tag is an exciting ideal.  High value Action Tag is even better!

The Western economy is in a down turn and many people are wisely managing their finances.  Life goes on and activity goes on but cuts need to be made when times are challenging.  Merrill Dunes has always tried to deliver real value and our lower cost events have as much or more value than higher priced competing activities, simply because we are organized and we innovate and we plan, and the style has been applied for years.  For example, our 1.5 hour events are almost sure to give far greater real value than competing 2 hour events.  It can be argued that our 1 hour events equal other 2 hour events!  Group sensitive field layout, instruction efficiency, mask fog control methods, mask quality and cleaning efficiency, ammo supply efficiency, automated game systems, effective reactivation methods, field wide public address communication, single private-group focus, full play time as labelled, and up front/tax-in prices, all count.

Now, on top of this solid base, in March and April of 2020, we will offer additional perks for groups of 16 and up - the range that most teams find easy to fit into.  As a rough guide, think of a unit price of $19.50 to $33.25 (taxes in) as a price figure that will give your team a very high quality season climax event.  These prices include ammo to burn, so good times are assured without scrimping or being clubbed with further costs.  Laser tag with the latest technology equipment is a dramatic option for younger players.  And there, the electronic ammo is limitless!

Our goal with this Special is to provide a short, economic, intense "happening" that will put a vivid topping on a season's work - a final "band of brothers" experience that will be remembered!  Cheap, Fast, Dirty, Exciting, and Fun!  Regular Adrenaline on ammo Steriods!  A temporary response to a strong wind that is blowing away dollars - until such time as the western winds return!

If you look at the regular price list, here is how to calculate the special deal.  For paintball 1 hour of actual play time - ( so setup and safety briefing and explanation of the first game are not using up the hour ) - you tack on 50 cents to the normal price, you can rent coveralls for $4.00 if you need them (paint washes easily - bring old clothes - COs really aren't needed), and each player gets 250 paintballs.  There is a 16 player group minimum and the cost with taxes in is $33.25 with coveralls being extra, if desired.  And that is LOTS of paintballs for the rootin-tootin session!  At 20 players the unit cost drops to $32.00.

To go with paintball 1.5 hrs - tack on 50 cents and you have 400 paintballs per player and coveralls are $4.50.  16 player price is $39.25 and the 20 player unit price drops to $38.00.

To go with paintball 2 hrs - tack on $1.00 and you have 500 paintballs per player and coveralls are $5.00. 16 player price is $45.50 and 20 player unit price drops to $43.50.  If funds are tight, the 1 hr event is designed to provide high value vs other activity choices but notice that the 2 hr event has double time and double ammo for only $11.50 more at the 20 player attendance level.  The economy comes from setup and cleanup costs being the same for 1 or 2 hrs of play - thus the low cost of pumping up to the 2 hr event.

There is no further discount for laser events but the cost there is already very attractive, the equipment system is new and spectacular, and the format of the events is a mirror image of paintball without the physical hits and mess! (Well - for the price reduction you always miss out on something!)  Unless we encounter major overload, laser events are being run on Field 1, and most clients like that arrangement.  Hour events are $19.50/player with 16 players and the cost drops to $18.50 with 20 players.  Often, what is offered as laser tag is on par with a simplistic water pistol war, but our field & game system provides high "team" content.  Paintball gives more adrenaline "Zing", but Dunes Laser is close behind with imagination capturing Game Excitement!  We put a contest on the board and the desire to "Win" is stoked!