Airsoft  -  every two weeks, you can join the action!  Here is what to expect.
Merrill     Dunes
Merrill Dunes hosts a come-&-go Airsoft event basically every second Sunday afternoon or evening.  See the Merrill Dunes calendars to see the exact times and field locations.  Also see the date list at the bottom of this page including the link to information on Season Memberships for cost saving for regular players.

A great way to keep up on what is happening in the Saskatoon Airsoft community is to sign up on the Saskatoon Airsoft Facebook page.

When you come to play at Merrill Dunes you will need to sign a Liability Waiver which is available on this website or at the Field Kiosk.  If you are under 18 you will need a parent or guardian to sign for you.  The waiver is good for the entire yearly season.

When you come to Merrill Dunes, be sure to have personal identification, preferably a photo ID driver's licence. Due to the drop-in nature of the event, players are required to verify who they are with the associated responsibility they have to the rest of the participants and the facility.  Once you are on file, you are good for the season.

When you arrive, come immediately to the Field Kiosk and sign in and get a tyvek wrist band, showing that you have registered and paid.  See photo showing the tyvek Registration Bands.

Official sessions are 4 hours long.  You may be able to arrive early and stay late - it depends on the Field schedule.  If there are groups ahead or after the airsoft session, the playing area and safe zone area may need to be cleared - but the parking area is normally available for prep as well as day-end socializing.

Pricing is $25.00 for the 4 hour session.  If you come late, as in after the half way point, the minimum charge is $15.00.  Cash and debit are slightly cheaper than credit card payment.

Payment not only makes the current facility viable but also funds a steady morphing of the game systems so as to keep the specialized airsoft experience fresh and well attended.  The walkon system is dependent on viable turnout levels and the lack of a similar paintball option illustrates the issue.  Wheels don't rotate without grease! And unorganized group sports survive on turnout.

We are moving toward players being responsible for their team identification.  We will be stocking velcro identification bands at good prices that allow players to simply and clearly identify with red, gold, blue, or white. Quick change of team identity is useful for team strength balancing as well as facilitating games with two, three, or four teams.
All photos shot on Merrill Dunes property by Merrill Dunes staff.
Registration Tyvek Wrist Bands
We will be offering a variety of Team ID products in the 2019 season.
AirSoft Event Times for 2019

July 20-21 - OLS4 Mega Game

August 4 - 200pm to 600pm on Field 2
August 18 - 200pm to 600pm on Field 1

September 1 - 600pm to 1000pm on Field1 - Night Game
September 15 - 200pm to 600pm on Field 2
September 29 - 100pm to 500pm on Field 1

October 13 - 100pm to 500pm on Field 2
October 27 - 100pm to 500pm on Field 1

November 10 - 100pm to 500pm on Field 2
November 24 - 100pm to 500pm on Field 1

December 8 - 100pm to 500pm on Field 1 (weather permitting!)