Mud, Fog, and Bugs
Mud:  Merrill Dunes is really fortunate to be located on very sandy land - no rocks to trip or fall on and no clay to stick to your feet if it rains.  There is no problem with spring mud or water puddles.  The Dunes is ready to go in just about any weather, so planning ahead is simplified.

Early to mid Spring is a vital time for hockey windup events and, especially with our cold weather expertise, we can roll from the beginning of March and on without missing a beat.  We can brag that "If you want to play, we can make it happen!"  Years of hockey team events have illustrated this reality!  And the groups that come in "bad weather" always go away elated - we know how to look after the complications and details!  If you have been elsewhere in cold weather and had trouble with mask fog, don't let that major problem turn you off.  Thermal lenses are vital in the cold or wet or after sunset and our field is built to make it possible to use thermal lenses.  No other local field has this capacity - it is no small matter to be able to offer double lense / thermal masks!

Bugs:  The same things that help us with mud, also help us with bugs.  Ants and dragonflies do well in sand, but ticks and mosquitos don't.  We always have far less trouble with ticks and mosquitoes than most places.  There simply isn't standing water close to us and most insects seem to want that feature.  On rare occasions, we have had a lot of wasps, but this is rare any place.  Some summers of we have had very few wasps while the city had a lot - so we can probably look good in that department as well.

Merrill     Dunes
As any player knows, paintball is HOT and in warm weather, it is agony to wear too much clothing.  Add to this fact, lots of mosquitos, and your paintball outing starts to border on being drafted to fight in a jungle war.  Merrill Dunes has been lucky in many ways and our lack of mud and bugs are two of those fortunate features.

Is there a downside?  A friend once said "This place isn't much good for anything except paintball!"  Play paintball or laser, but don't ask us to grow wheat or barley or graze huge numbers of cattle.  Sandy soil has its place - enjoy Merrill Dunes for what it is!