Merrill     Dunes
Seclusion Sanity Events - A Delightful Escape to the Wilderness!
For as long as the Covid-19 situation exists we will be offering a significantly reduced price on small group outings.  Groups of 4 to 8 players can have a great time at Merrill Dunes Style action tag, be it paintball or laser tag, and with such a small group - always totally private no matter the size - you can have an exciting, outdoor, fresh air, physically active adventure that allows you to socialize on a very small scale where everyone in the group is a person you would socialize with under any circumstance.  And NOBODY else is ever in sight.  Dunes policy for decades.

This page will be expanded over time but here is the simple formula.  Ignore our "group size minimum chart".  Decide what you want to do and when.  Eye the regular price chart and alter the prices such that the 20 player price now applies to a group of 15 - and so on down the chart.  The 6 group price is now the old 11 group price.

Using a 1.5 hour paintball event as an example, the altered price structure now means that a group of 6 players that normally costs $45.50/player, now costs $41.00/player.  A group of 8 players that normally costs $43.25/player, now costs $40.00/player.  All taxes included.

A group of 6 laser tag players will see a 1.5 hr cost per player drop from $35.50 to $27.75.

To make a booking, you will need to call and arrange things by phone.  Staffing has to be available and there may be situations where we simply can't meet your timing requirements, but with the Covid vacuum, things are very dead and there is a major Plus to this - - Space and Availability!  For those who are out to "do something exciting", rather than a trip to Cuba or Mexico or Africa - a Merrill Dunes Safari is a safe, cheap, AND exciting "small-group social-thing" to do!

Escape from the crowds - flee to the wilderness - LIVE!  Safely and Responsibly!  Good for the immune system and very good for mental health!  The "Happy Mind Virus" is very contagious!  You owe it to others to catch the "disease" and to become a "spreader!