Merrill     Dunes
For winter paintball 2020/2021 we are keeping our format simple.  The only option we are offering is 2 hour events with a minimum of 10 players.  Cost for winter outings is slightly higher than for warm weather outings.  We recommend going on days where the temperature is no lower than -10C.  Few paintball fields can deliver pleasant, fog free, equipment reliable outings at that temperature but we can!

Unit price drops slightly as group size increases.  Summer pricing will return on March 14, 2021.

The 2 hr event includes 500 paintballs per player.  Extra ammo is 500/$20.00. Coveral rental is $5.50. Cost shown is cost/player at the group size indicated.

10 player group - $55.25/player
11 player group - $54.50/player
12 player group - $53.75/player
13 player group - $53.00/player
14 player group - $52.75/player
15 player group - $51.50/player
16 player group - $50.75/player
17 player group - $50.00/player
18 or higher player groups - $50.00/player
Paintballs are heated to prevent breakage in your gun and heated storage is provided in the safe zone to keep the preheated ammo at a satisfactory level.  At -10C or higher, groups invariably rave about how well things go and that it is better than summer where overheating and welts (due to lack of clothing layers) are more problematic.