Working at Merrill Dunes
Merrill     Dunes
The photos on this page tell you a lot about working at Merrill Dunes.  All photos are of staff over the years.  Most staff came by word of mouth or were people we met, often as players.  Formal ads have yielded few job fills.

Knowledge of paintball is of no importance.  If you are friendly with people and good with children or are a "mother hen" type, you are likely perfectly suited to look after children ages 10 to 40.  No noses to wipe, just mask lenses!  No cookies or candy to hand out.  Just paintballs.  But the principle is the same.  Group care tends to be a gal job - guys are more interested in getting out and reffing or fixing or commanding - guys aren't going to thrive - for groups, what we need is care-givers.  For a guys, our main interest is in "building things".  And we do lots of that.  So we need guy power as well.

One word of caution.  Cell phone addiction has become a real problem for employers in recent times.  We have a rather dim view of anyone suffering from drug addiction!  Difficult to do two jobs at the same time and nice to have a worker's mind on the job site and not elsewhere.  Connecting with clients is vital and doing so requires focus.

The short video tells you the whole story of the job, less the drama of the steady flow of personalities that come to that counter!  Before an event is over, you know everyone, likely even their name (from their ball card).
The Dunes has seen a lot of interesting personalities over the years and a lot of good times!
Here are some staff shots from over the years.
We appreciate hearing from people who have a desire to work at Merrill Dunes and may fit into the operation.  Here are some characteristics that will allow you to catch our attention!  You may be an increasingly special and rare group!

- a farm or at least an acreage background
- a good student - we have employed university students.  Their long summer holiday fits nicely.
- living somewhat close to Merrill Dunes so that transportation is efficient
- old enough to drive and able to drive to the Dunes in an efficient manner
- not afflicted with drug problems, one of the most common being "cell phone addition".  The curse of having your body one place and your mind elsewhere tends to inhibit a person's capacity to deal with the Dunes environment!
- likely with absolutely no interest in paintball or airsoft but good at dealing with people
- blessed with the capacity to think and actually get things done - "job smarts" - a trait of many farm kids!

( Eye the photo collection on this page as well as the rest of the website and you will have a good idea of the novel variety of jobs that staff confront.  If you are a capable and personable worker, you will thrive and learn - the Dunes is not a "single skill" assembly line kitchen or factory environment.  It is much closer to a farm than to a specialized indoor office job!  It is a "people place" as well as a "design and make" shop, nestled in an agricultural setting! )