Merrill     Dunes
Gatherings become Friends.  Your Team grows Stronger. 
We Build Groups!
Our website is totally "In House".  It allows us to connect directly to clients, keep our information current, accurately present reality, and concentrate expenditures in material upgrades.  Excellent "up front pricing", outstanding value, repeat business and word of mouth are linked to our approach.  We try to avoid cyberglitz hype and gimmicks.  "On the Ground Reality" has been and is our focus.  Wander through our website.  The photos and info will go a long ways in telling the story.  But we work to surprise.  And Reality is where your boots, mind, and wallet fully connect!
All photos were shot on Merrill Dunes property by Merrill Dunes staff.
Saskatoon's Best Group Cohesion Stimulant!  Experience Merrill Adrunelin:
= Adrenalin + Imagination + FUN
+ Technical Gizmology!