Merrill     Dunes
Types of Events Offered 
Regular 68 calibre Paintball / Summer or Winter
Come and go events every two weeks on Sundays.
The same games as paintball and airsoft but a relaxed atmosphere - no masks - no pain - no mess - but all the excitement and competition of a socialized, 3D, full colour video game.
Some thoughts for anyone brainstorming for tame activities for a group that you wouldn't expect to see at a regular paintball field.
Our popular "Latenighters" have returned!
Spot Bookings:  For any type of event, booking well ahead is important in many situations but means both Merrill Dunes and the Group must make a solid commitment. Our booking system is designed to account for the certainties and the uncertainties of life, but last minute bookings, which we call Spot Bookings, have the advantage of simplicity.  As the Saskatchewan economy weakens, our dual field facility is rarely booked anywhere close to capacity, and so long as we have a bit of forewarning to securing staffing, a 48 hr booking can work.  In such, last minute situations, call and we will size up our circumstances of the moment and try to work something out.  We will still want a credit card pre-authorization but that, as well as group size, can be worked out for everyone's satisfaction.