Merrill     Dunes
Action Tag in Three Flavours:   Paintball, Laser, Airsoft
Regular paintball, soft hit / low impact paintball, winter paintball, night paintball!
Regular outings available April to October.  Small group economy packages available May to August.
Indoor or outdoor in simple to complex formats.  Available all year subject to overload periods during the summer months.
Combine laser-tag with a mechanical bull ride - indoor or outdoor, on-field or mobile.  An exciting choice for larger groups that want an exciting and memorable event and a low unit cost.
Sunday outings every second week during warmer weather - usually March to the end of October.  Public access.  Day and night events.  July 25/26 Mega Game!
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All 2020 dates for airsoft events are posted.
What would a website be without some COVID-19 news!  No doubt about it - if you live in a sealed container, you may not spread nor die of COVID-19.  But, life goes on and various forms of human contact are inevitable. Here are some thoughts on risk management and mental health - likely more relevant as the early Covid mega waves pass!

Airsoft events are available to anyone, but laser and paintball outings, at the Dunes, are always PRIVATE.  You have contact with no one other than your own group members. Group sizes are your call but due to the nature of private action tag outings, are never large.  With our automated game systems, we can give groups as small as 4 a super-good time.  And the environment involved is a big outdoors with volumes of fresh air!

We have installed a new stainless steel "hot water wash station" that we should have had years ago for pre-eating touch up, plus there is the regular cold water sink in the toilet zone. And we are doing some hard surface disinfecting that is new due to the current crisis.

A huge issue, to my mind is paintball mask sanitation.  We have always put high importance on this area and built an extremely effective mask washing machine years ago.  A video of the unit at work is linked.  For more info on the current social upheaval and our adaptive tactics, click on the  * button!
Masks are hot water flushed, then power washed with hot water detergent and enzyme mix for 12 minutes, then hot water rinsed, then dried in a fan powered drying rack.