Gender Reveal Event Supplies
Merrill     Dunes
Prices are based on the webstore pricing but without minimum purchase limits nor dangerous goods shipping cost.
Spread the News and have some fun doing it!
Drink cans used to show size of displayed items.
Pink or Blue with unmarked exterior
Hand-held biodegradable confetti cannon emits a loud "Pop!" when the confetti is released.  Designed with non-descript packaging for Gender Reveal surprise effect.  Puncture top foil and then twist bottom (as directed) to launch.  Excellent for Gender Reveal parties, weddings, night clubs, concerts, parties, and just about any celebration!!  Gas powered and safe for indoor or outdoor use.  Not fireworks.
Pink or Blue 
Hand-held colour powder cannon.  A bit messy to use indoors but powder won't stain clothing and washes out.  Not recommended to be used by pregnant women.   Do not discharge into your face or other people's faces!  Gas powered and safe for indoor or outdoor use.  Not fireworks.  Remove plastic wrap and twist base as directed.
Pink* or Blue 
*Currently, only red is available but it will pass for pink smoke.
Pull the ignition ring to the side and smoke blows out the top of the cylinder.
Pink or Blue 
Pull the ignition ring to the side and smoke blows out the top and bottom of the Burst cylinder.  Lots of smoke in a short time - a spectacle!

The WP40 expels smoke from one end only.  Lasts a bit longer but more affected by wind.
Burst Smoke Bombs 
WP40 Smoke Bombs 
Red/Pink* only available 
in the WP40 at the moment. 
Pink Fireworks fountain - great for Gender Reveal Parties!  Stunning stream of pink sparks with white chrysanthemums, silver rain pink sparks, blue sparks, crackles and whistles.  Low level fireworks.  Safe for small back yards.  Shoots up to 5 meters and for a little under 50 seconds.
If you want other fireworks items with a bit more zap, check our Smoke and Fire page.  
$6.00 for 4 pack
Perfect for indoor party thrill enhancement!  Spring loaded Confetti Popper blasts multi-colour strands and leaves.  Easy to clean up after but a thrill to use.  Twist bottom to launch.  Shoots up to 3 meters.  Only one choice for colour content - multi.
$7.99 for 3 pack
Crazy Cracklers
Buy Firecrackers in Canada!  The closest thing you can have to real American Firecrackers without having Donald Trump as the political leader.  And unlike marijuana, you can have them legally now - no need to wait for some obscure date in 2018!  Raise havock for over 100 seconds with non sexist sound bites!  Enjoyed by all - thrilling for all!
A great little colour smoke bomb where you want some colour but you don't need to hide in the cloud!